Andaman Tour Packages : A Must For an Adventure Lover

Andaman Island is fast becoming a major hub for tourists. It is a paradise for those who love natural beauty and are into water sports. Even the first-time enthusiasts will find themselves getting spoilt by the charms of the exotic Andaman.

The following are some of the thrills than an Andaman tour ( offers:

If there is one place that can give competition to the exotic beaches in Goa, then it is Andaman. Though, Andaman beaches are slightly different from the beaches in Goa, it has no dearth of exoticism, water sports and good food. Andaman tour package is a delicious excuse for an adventure lover or nature lover to say goodbye to his mundane routine for a few days. The beaches of Andaman proffer breathtaking panoramic beauty and some of the most thrilling water sports in the form of snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing and parasailing. Plus, with andaman tour package, you can enjoy sightseeing to the fullest.

Take for instance, the incomparable joys of trekking in these natural locales! There is a very splendid trekking area spreading between Mt. Harriet to Ross Island. Camping is another option! One of the must visit places is the famed Ross Island tour where you can come across animals, birds, temples (including a Japanese Temple) and water sports. Another historically significant landmark is the Cellular Jail that was built by the British in the earlier part of 20th century. It still echoes the suppressed rage of hundreds of Indian freedom fighters who were imprisoned here.

If you wish to see something unique, then head to the Chatham Saw Mill. It is Asia’s largest and oldest mill and gives you an idea about how logs are loaded and shipped. However, it would be inadvisable to go to this saw mill without a travel guide. Only a travel guide can explain various interesting facts about the place and make your trip a worthwhile one.

Andaman tour ┬ápackage is also a great way to take a look into the life of some of India’s pristine tribal communities. There is a community of tribes called Jarawas who reside in Andaman. You may spot them during your journey or on road. However, do not try to approach them or offer them anything. Do not take photographs as the government considers it as the breach of their privacy. You need to remember that even though they are tribal and uncivilized, they have their own life and we are not permitted to intrude their personal space.

If you happen to visit the Island during February, then you can also witness the 10-day tourism festival which is usually observed in the second week of the month. The festival is a great way to promote art, culture and the local tourism industry. Even hotels & resorts flaunt their huge inventory of andaman package to lure potential tourists.

Other top attractions of Andaman include places like Mini Zoo, Chidiya Tapu (a bird island), Corbyn’s Cove, ZSI Museum, Indira Point, Havelock Island and Mount Harriet. So, its important to buy some cheap andaman tour package and head for an adrenaline-pumping Andaman tour.